Where is California Imaging Institute located?

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Will my head be inside the MRI?
Our new Open Bore MRI was designed so that any patient who is taller than 5’2” can have their head outside of the MRI. The one exception to this is if your physician has ordered an MRI of your head, neck, or certain sections of your spine. In cases such as these your head is inside the magnet. The benefit of our Open Bore MRI design is that for most people the distance from the tip of the nose to the top of the magnet is more than one foot, creating spacious surroundings and minimizing feelings of claustrophobia. Unlike many MRI rooms our room was designed with natural sunlight, helping to create a more open environment.

Is there noise?
Throughout the course of your MRI study you will hear a humming or thumping. This is part of the MRI and is completely normal. Our technologists will be in constant communication with you and can respond to any concerns you may have throughout the course of your MRI study.

How long will my exam take?

Most exams last 30-45 minutes (this does not include your registration and pre-exam preparation time). Some exams take less time, while others may take longer depending on the number of studies your physician ordered, or the type of study being requested.

What if I am claustrophobic?
Claustrophobia is a legitimate reason to ask for an Open MRI. Our Open MRI was designed to create a comfortable and stress-free environment, without fear of confinement or the need to be sedated. If you are claustrophobic you should let your physician know, as well as our Scheduling Department so that we can schedule you on our Open MRI.

How do I prepare for my exam?

Click herefor preparation instructions. Our staff will call you to provide instructions, or may also call us during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.) 559.325.5800.

Why do I need lab work?

Certain pre-existing medical conditions require that lab work be obtained prior to giving you contrast. Your lab work can be performed at any laboratory that your insurance is contracted with. Your referring physician may provide you with the orders for your labs. If they do not, our staff can also provide you with the orders and send them to the lab of your choice.

I am scheduled for sedation? What does that mean?

At California Imaging Institute our nursing staff make every effort to ensure your experience is comfortable. We provide you with IV sedation that helps minimize pain and anxiety. Response to the medication varies among patients so you may or may not fall asleep during the exam. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Should you have any questions please call our Scheduling Department, or ask to speak with our nursing staff.

What is contrast?

Contrast is a clear liquid substance administered through an IV during your exam. Contrast provides us with enhanced images from your MRI that assist our radiologist in evaluating your scan.

I am receiving contrast and/or sedation. Why can’t I eat or drink before my exam?

In rare cases patients receiving contrast and/or sedation experience nausea or vomiting. As a way to minimize the potential for this we require that you have nothing to eat or drink prior to your exam. Our staff will provide additional details on how many hours prior to your exam you should refrain from eating or drinking.

What is the difference between arrival time and exam time?

You need to arrive 30 minutes prior to your exam so we can register you for your appointment, obtain necessary insurance information, and complete any pre-exam preparation required to ensure we provide the most accurate care. To help save time, you also have the option of registering online.

What does “Open Bore” mean?
More headroom, legroom, and elbowroom. The Open MRI at California Imaging Institute is designed to allow for greater comfort for patients who are claustrophobic or are of larger size. The hole (often referred to as the “bore”) is larger than a traditional MRI, and for most patients the distance from your nose to the top of the magnet is bigger (one foot).

An additional benefit is the shorter length of the magnet (four feet), which allows over 60% of patients to have their head outside of the MRI (unless you are having an MRI of the head).

I’ve heard of other Open MRI’s that you stand or sit in. Is your Open MRI like those models?
The Open MRI at California Imaging Institute is like your traditional MRI where you lay down on a table and are guided into the magnet (or the hole, sometimes referred to as the “bore”).

We chose the Open Bore MRI model because it creates images with greater detail. The improved image quality enables our sub-specialty, fellowship-trained radiologists to provide the most accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition possible.

What happens after my MRI?

Our fellowship-trained radiologist will read your MRI, and will provide a report to your referring physician within three (3) business days. If your exam is ordered STAT by your physician, your exam is read and the results are provided to your physician the same day.